We focus on your people and your processes to ensure your church continues to grow.

Set Expectations


Setting the right expectations is one of the first keys to a successful Church. Ensuring everyone understands the Church vision and community impact is crucial to growth. Lets take your Church to new levels.

Foster Transparency


Transparency isn’t optional. It’s an important part of ensuring your Church members understand where their contributions go. Congregations that foster transparency go far. This is an important part of growth in any Church.

Unify and Grow


A Church that’s unified works together for a common vision. Everyone plays a part to ensure the Church always meets the needs of the community it serves. Helping Churches reach their full potential is our main priority.

Church Services


Transparency and Accountability Consulting

Did you know that 37% of Churchgoers do not give money to their Church? The number one reason given for not contributing is the lack of financial transparency by the Church. This makes it extremely important for Churches to ensure they provide proper information to attendees to promote a healthy desire to give. Beacon Partners will help your Church develop a plan that covers every aspect of the giving process from the collection plate, to account monitoring and auditing.


Church Growth and Membership Retention Consulting

In recent Gallup and Pew polls, over 60% of attendees with kids stated they attended Church solely for their kids. For your Church to grow, it’s critical to have structured children and teen programs in place. Many churches struggle with how to execute these programs. We’ll have developed the right programs based on the community your Church serves, along with the budgets that make sense for your specific Church.


Church Automation and Technology Consulting

Many Churches fail to realize the benefits associated with automation and technology in the Church. In today’s World, having the right technology in your Church is more important than ever! Beacon Partners can help your Church ensure that technology helps you meet the needs of your members while reducing the labor and cost associated with tasks.


Church Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising isn’t the first thing that comes to mind as it relates to the Church. However, the right marketing plan drives new members into your Church. It’s amazing how the right communication plan will help encourage folks in your community to visit your service. Once they visit, the right experience will keep them coming. Beacon Partners will help you develop a plan focused on the following details.