Our Process

Our Process


Exploration Discovery

In this step of our process we will sit down and meet with your organization, discuss situations that are seeking solutions too, and understand all the underlying factors we will need to consider as we move forward. This ensures as we begin the process that we have a complete understanding of all circumstances as it relates to the engagement.


Strategy Meeting

After our team has heard your concerns and had some time to prepare strategic solutions, we will return to the table to share with you how we plan to enact changes that achieve the desired outcomes. At this step in the process you will know exactly what we are thinking, costs to implement, and expected results.



Once we have agreed and been contracted, we will begin planning resources from our firm to enact the strategy. Once that has been determined in detail, we will speak with you and see if you have anything else that you have thought of that we need to be aware of.


Clarity Meeting

This is where we meet with the approriate teams to share the company’s goals, who we are, how we are there to help, and what us being their means to them. This also gives the team time to ask questions and feel comfortable working with us. Communication is key!



This is where the rubber meets the road, as they say. We take the strategy, planning, and clarity meetings and begin to implement changes. This is where solutions start to form and tangible results are achieved. The key throughout the execution process is communication between our team and yours, ensuring everything is going according to plan.


Reflection Meeting

At the end of the project, with every client, we do a reflection meeting. This is where we recap what we were tasked to do, how we committed to completing the goal, and the results of those efforts as the organization stands at completion. It also allows us to discuss any future plans and what our involvement in that could look like.

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