People, Process, Results

People, Process, Results



Meeting with a consultant can be a scary thing for most business owners, not knowing if it will help or what the cost(s) will be and if they can afford it. Here at Beacon Partners our process starts by answering that and other questions in our initial discovery consultation. We take this time to learn about you, your business, what you are looking for and sharing about how we could help. Unfortunately, we aren’t a good fit for everyone, and if that’s the case in your situation, we may refer you to one of our partners. Our goal is to build sustainable relationships that are mutually beneficial for us to deliver results and for our clients to get the partner they need in solving their need.


Our process varies client to client because each client is unique in their individual situation. While we may have encountered the need previously in another client, we don’t use a cookie-cutter approach that applies to everyone. We do draw on experiences that we have in helping others, but realize that what worked for one, may not always be the best solution for you. Don’t worry, we will find a process that meets your needs, and looks to exceed your expectations in working with us. We will also, share with you our plan and process of what success looks like in working together before we get started. We believe transparency is the best policy in the relationship and have continued to provide it since day 1.



Results not typical, is a statement we don’t use. When we undertake a project and begin a client relationship, we strive throughout the project to exceed expectations. Rather that be in marketing by delivering more new clients than projected or by improving the work environment for everyone in an HR consultation, we are results driven. We look for quantifiable and quantitative goals in every project and then figure out ways to surpass them. Ultimately, we only win when you win, and our five-star reviews we feel like illustrate how we do that again and again for our clients. At the end of every project, we like to spend some time reviewing where we started and the accomplishments your businesses has made throughout the project.